PhiRemoval is a pigment extraction method (as oppose to laser tattoo removal which breaks down ink particles to be processed through the liver to be excreted).  

The equipment and technique is similar to tattooing but with the use of the PhiRemoval extraction formula. The formula starts working almost immediately drawing the original pigment upwardly and through the skin. A light scab containing unwanted pigment will form over the treated area over the next few days and flake off. Aftercare is a key component in overall outcome and is provided.

Removal of unwanted tattoos/PMU takes more than one treatment, but the first treatment results are immediately visible.

Creator:  Ella Sakalauskiene 

123 Tattoo Free:

123 Tattoo Free is also a pigment extraction method.

This botanical based tattoo removal system will remove the old unwanted tattoo/PMU in a maximum of 3 treatments. As most extraction methods, a scab containing unwanted pigment will form over the treated area.

Creator:  Ron T. Hendon


If you wish to learn more about tattoo removal and/or to see if you are a candidate, please feel free to set up a free consultation.

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